Public Notice – MMA Currently NOT Recruiting any Staff Members outside United Kingdom. Upcoming Events – MMA Onam celebration 22 Sep’18 @ Jain Community Centre, UUKMA NW Kalamela 20 Oct, UUKMA National Kalamela 27 Oct, Christmas/New Year 29 Dec.

Manchester Malayalee Association

Manchester Malayalee Association (MMA) is a registered Charity (1175205) based in Manchester in England. We are a non-profit making community organisation of people from Kerala in India. Our aim is to preserve and maintain our culture and traditions and to help our community in integrating with wider British community, while maintaing our values and identity. The association was formed on 2nd July 2003 and is one of the major Malayalee Associations in the UK. .As a Registered Charity, the main objective of the association is to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Manchester. .

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